All Styles of Trailers

We offer a grand scale of many different model trailers for all hauling purposes imaginable.   For the homeowner being the light duty, yard work, utility trailer up to 2,000 lbs. capacity load for hauling firewood and mulch, to the extreme heavy-duty tri axle 30,000lbs. capacity load Gooseneck trailer for hauling bulldozers and large industrial machinery.

Are you thinking of getting a four-wheeler from Cabela’s? After you select your four-wheeler, take the short drive over to RTS to pick up a trailer and easily bring your new four-wheeler home.

Stocking all these model trailers at our facility is nearly impossible.  We started out doing a survey in the community talking with landscape owners and construction owners (who by the way are the backbone workers that require a heavy duty work trailer, not the trailers you see at the big box stores).  They suggested they wanted a trailer with better paint finish.  RTS is confident in offering the right advice and helping our customers to make the right decisions on the brands we’re carrying having the most popular open trailers available in our community.

Don’t have your trailer? If we don’t have the right trailer for you on our lot, we can have it in five days if available at the factory. Historically trailer manufacture’s build up stock starting in fall to prepare for dealers spring orders.   Between January and March are the best times to order a new trailer from the factory.  Not only are you getting a newer model year trailer but also fresh!

Please review all features and specifications by calling our sales people. We try to list everything with accuracy, but sometimes information gets misled. Inventory is updated daily and often as possible, but feel free to call us at 740-804-7529 before stopping by to check out the specific trailer you’re interested in.

You don’t see the right trailer style your looking for in our current inventory? Let us custom order a trailer made specifically for you with a mixture of the several options available with the trailer brands we offer. Jump on their web site below and go to the optional tabs. There’s possibly a good chance the vendor will have the model in stock or we can special order. Each brand has different production lead times. Thank you.

Trailer Brands

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